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Salsa Cuddle Body Lead Move

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Salsa Dancing

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Free latin salsa dance instruction videos that teach you moves to use at the latin dance nightclub. With dancing articles, dance news, dance podcasts, salsa dance videos and forums – we try to help you become the best salsa and latin dancer you can be (as soon as possible).

The 180 Cross Body Lead (CBL) with Turn

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In this episode of Addicted2Salsa, we go back to the basics to help you learn how to do a 180° Cross-Body Lead with a Turn (*a few others call this the Coca-Cola move). We first start off refreshing you what a Cross-Body Lead with a Turn looks like and from there add-on the extra dance steps required to do a half-revolution. Getting the 180 degree cross body lead will help build the salsa framework for you to execute the 360 cross body lead – which will show you in a future episode. If you have any questions, feel free to post them at Salsa Dance Video on Addicted2Salsa
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Find the Salsa Beat Practice Soundtrack

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I am very happy to have found out that interest in learning to dance on2 (NY/PR) timing has started becoming very popular on To help everyone become more familiar with the clave and the VERY important conga slap, I have edited the original salsa clave track I created in Garageband for Episode 25 : Finding the Salsa Beat and modified it for an easier learning experience. This should help everyone make it part of their daily schedule to play the track at least 3 times a day while they do some other task. Doing this will allow your brain to sink-in that clave beat and rhythm subconsciously – so that it starts becoming easily recognizable by your ears. At first, I recommend forget about the clave when listening to the soundtrack first. Focus on the tu-ku (small pause) PA! sound first. That PA sound are your 2s and 6s when dancing on2.

More Fun Loop-Over Locks in Salsa Dancing

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In this episode of Addicted2Salsa we show you how to perform a basic blind cross-body lead with a loop-over lock salsa move. While the move may look easy at first, it is the timing and the proper leading where some may have difficulties. Also, we will take it and chain it together with going from a cross-body hammer-lock to a reverse loop-over. I consider this a more intermediate dance pattern because you have to be very careful on how you lead this move. These moves done incorrectly can hurt the girl in VERY bad ways.

How to Improve Your Spins in Dancing

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This video will help provide you with three great ways of improving your dance spinning technique. While most of the advice presented in Julies video tends to be known by most intermediate dancers, we believe it does not get addressed early on by beginners. The three main items that we will cover are good dance frame and position, the salsa dance prep and spotting.

Salsa at the Disco

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Another quick episode of addicted2salsa podcast. Today we show you how to perform the famous Salsa Disco dance move using different amounts of spin. A lot of dancers get caught up in the fact about knowing very little moves, but in reality, by adding doubles and triples in their current salsa dance combination – they become almost new. There is a little known fact to most salsa dance beginners that when follows learn to spin well, theyll fall in love with it. Follows love a challenge, and if you can start leading double and triple spins well – you should do so. They will find you more fun to dance with because you make it more challenging. For ladies who would like to improve their spinning, you may want to check out these salsa tip articles on spinning. Note: pointing optional like John Travolta is optional.