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Hector Lavoe ‘El Cantante’ Trailer – (sperad the word!)

As you all know, I am a HUGE Hector Lavoe fan. With that said, after seeing this trailer for the movie "El Cantante" which is about the life of Hector Lavoe and listening to the music, hearing Marc Anthony sing, and having a rush of memories come back to me.. I literally got shivers and goosebumps. I'm really looking forward for this film. I hope it will unite the salsa community and bring salsa back into the mainstream so others can enjoy it. Marc Anthony stars as salsa legend, Hector Lavoe, alongside real-life wife Jennifer Lopez as "Puchi" (Hector's Wife). Official Website for El Cantante Movie [Hi Quality Trailer]


Salsa Episode 23 : Latin Cover Songs (part 1)

The ClassicsWell, there are a lot of Latin dance songs out there. Most of them are in Spanish, no doubt. However, there is a good mix of mixing other styles of music, lyrics and languages into a good salsa rhythm and beat. In this salsa music episode I'll give you a taste of how different regular songs have been combined with Latin rhythms to produce some great sounds that break the mold of the traditional/stereotypical salsa music that you may hear on your next cruise.Thanks to Daniel from GTSalsa for helping out!.


Hope you enjoy!
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Salsa Episode 21: Salsa is Universal (pt. 1)

The Classics

Well, I finally took my labor day weekend to finally work on the podcast. So get it while its hot! I call this episode Salsa is Universal, because I want to showcase some of the salsa artists that are overseas (relatively speaking, I'm in the US). So, this episode is dedicated to our friends over the atlantic (or over the Pacific depending on how you look at it). Listen, dance and enjoy!


Note: If you click on the links, they will take you to the iTunes music store where the song located. 

Artist – [Song Name] (Background Song) 

Link: Anthony's Playlist Article  

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Salsa Episode 20 : The Classics Songs

The ClassicsSo, I have decided to change things up a bit. This is our first audio podcast episode. Again, first episodes are always very….low quality becuase half the time I don't know how to do one, and we learn as we go (If you ever see our salsa video episodes 1-4, and compare them to 12-19 — you'll see the difference). Anyway, feedback is always useful to make the content better.

Here is the salsa music guide as: (the song in parenthesis is the background playing song)

– (Intro) Lalo Rodriguez : (Devorame Otra Vez)

– Hector Lavoe : (Barrunto), Todo Tiene Su Final
– Willie Colon: (Idilio), La Murga
– Justo Betancourt: Pa'Bravo Yo
– Frankie Ruiz : A bunch of mixes
– Andy Montanez : Payaso
– El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico : (La Muerte – Live) Me Libere

– (Ending) Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz : (Aguzate)


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Salsa Episode 19 : The DPS Lock Combo

DPS Lock ComboIn honor of Steve Jobs' Keynote address at the Apple Computer WWDC, I decided to release this video today.

So, another funny combo name. DPS stands for 'Department of Public Safety'. I got arrested one time at Iowa State University for carrying a door down the street (oops!), and the way they lock your arms is the same way you do it to the follow. The reason for this name is because its a variation on both creating a wrap with the lady, but also having both arms in a kind of hammerlock position.

This salsa combo is kind of tricky to perform, so practice it various times at home to get the timing down: especially the mechanics of moving around the lady and moving their arm down (so you don't break it).
Anthony Persaud - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast

So the lesson for today? If you ever get arrested, you might be learning how to dance as well… 😉

Salsa Episode 18 : Getting out of Hammerlocks

Getting out of Hammerlocks So I decided to release this episode a little earlier than normal. One of our members asked about different ways of getting out of hammerlock positions. In this episode of addicted2salsa, I show you a couple of simple ways  to get out of hammerlocks and one slick/combo way. Please some of these moves require practice and patience so you do not hurt the ladies arm. Ladies, this is the best way to practice your copa step.

Anthony Persaud - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast

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Salsa Episode 17 : Short-Stride Salsa Combo

Short-Stride Salsa ComboWell, we are here again, bringing you a simple, yet slick salsa combo you can learn and use at the club (or wherever).

This combo uses a lot of simple elements (half a turn), with a drop hands, and then a blind cross body lead while switching hands. In addition, we use the concepts of a wrap and a copa to finish off the combo. (You can check some of the moves in an earlier podcast). Enjoy!
Anthony Persaud - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast

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