Apple Launches iTunes Plus : DRM-Free Salsa Music

iTunes with DRM Free Music This is the day when the salsa-shoe hits the fan. I'm very excited to have gotten an email this morning about how Apple Inc. with record companies have decided to start selling DRM free music on their iTunes Plus music site. This is really exciting because soon, anyone with or without an iPod can buy salsa/latin music from the iTunes store and enjoy it anywhere they are. Not all of the music will be available DRM free, but supposedly by year's end, over 50% will be DRM Free and in higher quality. As far as score goes: Apple 1, RIAA 0.

UPDATE: For those who didn't know – DRM is Digital Rights Management. Basically they are the 'controls' the Record Industry Association of America has put so that people do not freely distribute music and protect against piracy. It's that pesky little thing that they put on the stuff you buy that prevents you from using YOUR music the way you are supposed to use it.

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