Hacha y Machete Workshop at LA Salsa Congress 2007

Well, in my neverending quest to be the first to bring you the videos from the 2007 West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles, California – here is an awesome workshop given by the famous duo Hacha y Machete . Now, Victor is a very smooth dancer – so I'm not sure whether he's the Hacha (Axe) or the Machete, however, you can see what they taught us. It was a slick and smooth combinations that has subtle flavor of style in regular moves to spice up any combination you currently have. Now, watch the video and pay VERY CLOSE attention to Victor when they do the pattern. He uses his hands to point and look – which causes the observer to look where he's looking causing a more stylish pattern. This is because it draws your attention from his hand switching and when you look back to the pattern – something else has happened. Magicians use this trick all the time. (See time -2:26). You can also see how he uses his subtle leg kicks to flavorize regular simple moves (see -1:41 and -1:35) . Another thing I enjoy is the subtle things – such as when he's starting to do the pattern with music, he drops slightly on his crossbody lead (at -0:53 seconds). See what else you can catch from the pattern – and practice. They are the best in stylized body-movement. 

Here is Victor and Serena Cuevas social dancing at the Congress event:

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