Now for some Ladies’ Salsa Styling…

I get asked a lot about putting more ladies styling videos. So, here we go.

Instead of posting regular social dancing videos, I searched for good 'workshop' clips for ladies' styling. Now, with that stated, the best way to learn styling is to really just sit down and pick your favorite dancers and just watch them dance. Analyze every second and count in the music with every body motion. Take a video that you like and replay it – over and over.. and over again… You should try and break down all the details and nuances of why you enjoy a particular styling.

The main tip I would give you ladies is to start with just a few motions and work your way up. Why? Well, what usually happens is that any female who is starting to add styling to her dance will try (sometimes) to add too much styling at once. The main thing to remember is that styling should never affect your partner and your lead's ability to lead. For example, if coming out of a crossbody lead with turn you raise your left hand in the air and it causes you to be off balance, that will affect your leads ability to perform his next pattern. If you feel that is happening, all you have to do is 'tone' down the styling. In the previous example, instead of lifting your hand high, maybe just lift it half way. After a while, moving that hand and knowing your balance will improve, letting you perform the styling with much more finesse. It all just takes time and practice. (I may have to add 'patience' too).

If you find other great ladies' styling videoclips – please add them to our videoclip library (you are helping me out 🙂 ).


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