It’s Official – Jennifer Lopez Loves Salsa too….

I guess Jennifer Lopez (Jlo) does not require an introduction. However, Albert Torres probably does. He is a HUGE salsa promoter around the world. I could almost say that he is in charge of most of the high profile salsa congresses around the world, for example, San Francisco Salsa Congress, LA Salsa Congress (West Coast), Chicago Salsa Congress…etc. Well, anyway, I really like this video because it shows that Jennifer Lopez (while a singer and an actress) can actually dance compared to other performers/singers out there. And to tell you the truth, she is smooth and can shake it. Of course it makes me jealous of her husband Marc Anthony. He has my name and a great salsa dancing wife (I hope they don't split up like the rest of hollywood). Regardless, seeing her dance and have fun makes me look forward to the Hector Lavoe Film much more. Man, hopefully I'll become famous some day and test my skills out with Jennifer too. Oh well, a salsero can still dream…


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