Houston (Texas) Salsa Congress 2007

So, a lot of my salsa friends… (hmm.. do I have any friends that don't salsa?) went to the Houston Salsa Congress this year (2007). I heard it got great reviews, and I got pointed to some of the videos they took of the occasion. Now, I tried to see if I could download the videos and fix the brightness, but I couldn't – regardless, I'll post them here anyways. This one is of this pair of people dancing at the congress night event. One of them (the female) is  the famous Jamaica from San Diego, CA (she's with Son y Pasos) and the male dancer is from Dallas, TX (director of Enfuego Danz).

Now, I also found this awesome pattern taught by one of my favorite instructors – Mario B. Mario B has some simple/smooth yet complicated patterns, that are just fun to watch (when executed cleanly).


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