Salsa Episode 26 : The Magic of Real Cha-Cha Music

The Magic of Real Cha-Cha MusicNo! Your eyes don't deceive you – its another episode! Well, this is another episode I'm going to be listening to for a long time. At some point, we all may become biased on whether we like cha-cha or not. I remember when I first started dancing, I learned ballroom cha-cha, and thats why I ended up saying how I disliked it. But, after learning salsa really well, and actually going to the clubs and listening to the real un-ballroomized cha-cha music (guajira) – its a totally different experience.

Additionally, Cha-Cha can be used to help with your salsa dancing skills. In this episode, I outline a couple of suggestions that should help you use Cha-Cha music to your advantage in becoming a better salsa dancer, and a better dancer that can feel and understand the motions of music. 

Song List:

1. Que Rico Boogaloo – La 33
2. Catalina "La O" – Irazu
3. Besame Mama – Poncho Sanchez
4. Mi Negrita Me Espera – Gabino Pampini (org. Ismael Rivera)
5. Escucha El Ritmo – Spanish Harlem Orchestra
6. Adios, Adios – Salsa Celtica


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