The Evil DJ by Evil DJ Sal S. Amambo (Really Funny)

This article is one of the best ways to learn how not to be an EVIL DJ. Great job Mr. Will Pagan. 

"The Evil DJ" By Evil DJ Sal S. Amambo (Written by Will Pagán)

Source and Full Article:

DISCLAIMER The following article is entirely fictional. No particular real-life DJ was considered in writing this work. Any resemblance to a DJ, club owner, social organizer or party manager known to you is completely coincidental. The evil DJ Sal S. Amambo is a fictional character comprised of many of the worst qualities in DJ-ing I have born witness to throughout my salsa career and throughout my many salsa travels (e.g. NC, NY, DC, LA, ATL, etc.). The name Sal S. Amambo, in it's many forms (e.g. Dr. Sal S. Amambo, DJ Sal S. Amambo, etc.) is a ficticious name that I use to represent all that is evil and bad about salsa and the salsa scene worldwide.

INTRODUCTION I am the evil salsa DJ, Sal S. Amambo… Tremble before my wrath. The villainy of my DJ'ing knoweth no bounds. So proud am I of my talents at ruining salsa parties and events that I am compelled to share with you my methods, such that you can truly appreciate the genius of my contemptuousness. I come in many forms. I could be spinning the records at your local club, at your social, at your private party… I could also be several places at once. The destructive might of my many salsa event tactics are only matched by the omnipresence thereof….




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