My Favorite Things (salsa) – The New Swing Sextext.

Well, I became impressed with this band when I went to the San Francisco salsa congress and realized that a lot of the nice smooth, symphonic salsa songs that I liked were actually done by them. This is group is called The New Swing Sextet, which might seem like the name of a swing band, but trust me, its more salsa than swing. The songs are smooth and with the nice additional salsa beats. The video is not much about watching people dancing, but about listening to the sextet perform one of my favorite "The Sound of Music" songs "My Favorite Things" as a salsa version. But, while I'm at it, the guy dancing in this video – for those beginners, notice that all he does are very simple moves very, very smoothly, which makes him seem like an awesome dancer. Remember, its not about complexity, but effortless and smoothness in execution.

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