Sexy San Diego Salseras (MiM Ladies Team Performance) [UPDATED]

This is the Majesty In Motion Ladies Only Dance Team. It seems that I'm currently doing a lot of plugs for Majesty dances, but its just that there are finally some performances that I can actually get video for. While, that is true, this team (IMHO) has some of the prettiest ladies and best female dancers in San Diego. It is their first performance of their new routine – and while the team is MUCH bigger, this is just a few that were available to perform at this event – the Salsa Saturdays at the La Jolla Marriott. The choreography was directed by Jennifer Stein. Because I do not know all the names of the performers, I will not post any of them (hopefully someone can send me the list, and then I'll post the performers names).

[UPDATED] : IMHO = In My Humble Opinion, and the performers names are: Nicole, Gaby, Liya, Marilyn, Lisa, and Chelsea.

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