The sexy and sensual bachata just like God intended…

Well, I've been asked how the song that I put for the week (Lamento Boliviano [bachata version]) can be danced to bachata (some people thought it sounded more like cha-cha). Well, here is a cool video of what good, smooth and sexy bachata looks like from a couple video taping themselves. Ladies, if you can move like this on the dance floor (especially in a bachata song) – men will literally form a line around you! Hopefully the girls can grab a couple of tricks of this sexy mover in this video.

Again, bachata is one of those dances that is not about combinations and footwork, but about body motions. Now salsa has its own body motions, but bachata is more about smooth and slow motions – I consider it a sexier version of tango. Its about connecting and moving as one.

Now that I think of it, dancing bachata for me… its kind of like sex.. except that I actually get to do it. Tongue out


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