You know you can be a better lead when….

..when a lady can lead better than you on the dancefloor. Well, of course, in this case we have Magna and Claudia Vazquez dancing together, but its cool to see ladies lead for a change. I mean, there are not complex moves here, but its about seeing execution and smoothness – of course, its sexy  interesting to watch two women dance together. And in case of those of you that are wondering, yes, guys dance together too (just go to congress 🙂 ). I've been the 'woman' before, and it is hard work – cause once you are so used to leading, its hard letting go of control and just being aware of where to follow…
"Magna & Claudia Vazquez at the north west salsa congress, Guys, you know you have to get better at your dance when a girl can lead better than you. This is incentive for all of us!"

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