How to: Salsa Podcast Dance Videos on iTunes

Search for Salsa on iTunes Music StoreSo, its funny that there are a majority of people that come to this website, and I end up talking about the salsa podcast videos on the website with another dancer and they say "What videos?". So, because I really want you to get the FREE high quality videos from iTunes (YouTube is ok, but not so good quality), here is a quick HOW TO guide on how to find the Addicted2Salsa podcast on iTunes (if you don't use the podcast link on this website!).Salsa Podcast on iTunes Music Store

STEP 1: So, the first thing you do is load up iTunes. After that, go to the iTunes music store and on the top right hand, type 'SALSA' to search the iTunes Music store (and hit enter). After that, check out the PODCAST section and see the 'Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast' (as seen in the next image).

STEP 2: When you see the Addicted2Salsa image, click on the subscribe button. And thats IT! Nothing else to it~!

 And since I'm taking this time to talk about the podcast, I have great news! I will be starting to shoot new videos VERY soon! (I'm getting a new computer, so now I can take more time and make the videos much better so everyone can enjoy~! and yes – IT IS ALL FREE!)

Subscribe to Salsa Podcast on iTunes




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