Pandora – Find New salsa music based on your favorites

Pandora Salsa Music This site is amazing – it is from the Music Genome Project . And it works with Salsa too! It is one of the best web applications to discover new music based on your favorite music! The main concept is that you give Pandora your favorite artists or song and they dynamically build a radio station for you to listen based on your favorite artists AND other songs and artists that have similar 'styles'. For example, lets say you like 'El Gran Combo'… well, type in El Gran Combo  – it will find El Gran Combo and with its analysis will understand the music style of Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. Once you plays the first song of El Gran Combo, it will keep playing other songs that have very similar styles to "El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico" for example Edgar Daniel and Tito Rojas (and it will tell you how those upcoming songs are similar to El Gran Combo's style).

I also like that they basically remember your musical preference, and for every song that you vote (thumbs up or down) their song suggestions and playlist gets better because they get to know your taste a lot better. Its amazing – I find a lot of new artists this way (or by friend recommendations).

And best of all – ITS FREE! Try it out!

 [UPDATED] Gnomes don't exist…. (Music Genome). Thank God I didn't go for a PhD. šŸ˜‰



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