Salsa Analogy : The difference between On1 and On2

Salsa On1 Pepsi

Salsa On2 Pepsi

Now, some people either like my analogies, or they are just plain crazy… but I believe there are multiple ways of explaining the same concept. Some people require different perspectives to understand a point of view. Now, just as a disclaimer, I haven't had a few drinks before writing this…. If you've taken my lessons before, you know how I think.

So, back on why On2 and On1? Well, I started thinking, and yes, I'm going to use Pepsi. Now, I used to be a huge drinker of Pepsi, and I disliked very much Diet Pepsi – and always questioned why anyone would like Diet Pepsi. Now, one summer, I decided to loose weight and told myself – ok, I still need the caffeene (I was doing a Master's thesis.. trust me, you need caffeene every 2 hours). So, instead of drinking Pepsi, I just said, screw it, I will drink Diet Pepsi – 0 calories, less sugar, and almost the same amount of boost. (Not saying that drinking soda 3-4 times a day is healthy but a thesis make you do crazy things).

After, forcing myself to drink only diet pepsi, I realized that it wasn't as bad as I once thought. Actually, when I tried to drink regular Pepsi – I ended up hating it because I realized how sugary it tasted (I don't drink regular anymore).

Anyway, so how does this relate to salsa? Well, same thing happened when I went from On1 to On2 . At first, I didn't realize the point of why would people want to dance on2 when the down beat is clearly On1. However, after forcing myself to dance On2, and now going back to On1, I realized how On1 it just not as mixed into the music as well as On2 is.

Now, there are only advantages to this. A person that can easily drink diet pepsi, can easily drink regular if they have to (because they know how it taste, and of course they used to drink it). However, a person that has never drunk diet pepsi (or maybe once or twice) they might pass when the only option is diet.

The beauty about knowing On2 is basically like knowing a different language. Not only can you dance On2, but you can always switch back to On1 whenever you desire (even though it doesn't 'feel' as good). Of course, even though On1 and On2 might seem to be much different – internally (calories, sugars) they are when placed in relation to the music.

Now, I'm not saying you should go on and try On2… actually.. I am – if you can. Now, this analogy might not make sense to most of you, but for the people who know what it is to drink diet sodas, and who are still dancing On1 – will hopefully get some motivation to try On2. And maybe for those who haven't tried Diet Pepsi… well.. its healthier (note, I didn't say healthy.. I just said healthier..) 

Again, just trying to make you think differently. 

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