The SALSA JAM starts at addicted2salsa…. music!

Salsa Play ButtonSo I got tired of the chat application I wrote REALLY fast… I mean, it could have gotten some traction – but as you probably know – My main thing is salsa music. So I decided to let people listen to new songs while they are on the website on a weekly basis. I ended up paying lots of $$$ for 2 TB of bandwidth a month, so I hope this works out (it is an experiment). Let me know what you think. I'm thinking that maybe for every 'song of the week' people could vote if they like it or not…. make the website more interactive. Who knows… just trying new things…

I'm hoping adding a pre-Firday party song will get everyone in the mood to get ready to go out to the salsa nightclubs during the weekend. Enjoy!


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