On2 in a Month : Start of Week Four – The home stretch..

Salsa NeuronsWell, have you ever seen Spiderman? (He's my fav superhero). Well, the introduction part where they show how the new nerve endings are lighting up and some new ones are created? Well, I feel that is exactly what is happening.

So, last time we left off, I sucked both on1 and on2. Now, after hitting the dance studio everyday, going clubbin almost every day and listening to salsa non-stop with all the excercises I mentioned… man, I went to the club on Saturday and I was firing on all cylinders! I had great On1 dances, and great On2 dances. It was so much fun to start being 'myself' again on the dancefloor. I did have 2-3 not so good dances, but I think it might have been that the girl that I was dancing on two was not keeping her timing (and I ended up having to slow her down). Other than that – its amazing what 3 weeks will get you. I mean, I'm not On2 perfect, but I still have a whole week left.

I believe in always finishing strong – therefore, I will hit the dance studio everyday again (with the new music David gave me) and possibly start coming up with new footwork. I think what is happening is that, instead of replacing my On1 stuff, I think I'm creating 'new' connections that work to On2. This means I could switch between On1 and On2, whenever I please – of course, I may screw up once or twice in a song, but I become aware that maybe I won't reach a certain step by a certain time, and compensate for it.

With all of this said, I find dancing On1 much easier (since dancing On2 was so much harder). It goes back to what I call the David Stein Collary #1, which I can sum up in a simple analogy. If you are training to lift weights, you should push yourself to bench-press 200lbs everytime (for example). So that whenever you enter a contest, that requires you to bench-press 100lbs, it will seem like a breeze. If you practice doing the hardest things, when the time comes to do all the simpler things, they will be extremely easy.

On another note, now that I have danced On2 for a while, I'm actually starting to dislike dancing On1 – which explains why most women who I danced with always wanted to dance On2. There is a weird feeling of having more time, and more 'attributes' in the song to have your body play with the music. But who knows, I still have one more week left, and maybe I'll get a better sense on how to explain that 'feeling'. 


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