Salsa Homework Footwork Patterns

So, David Stein, for the Majesty In Motion Semi-Pro dance team assigned us 'Salsa Homework' – where we had to come up with our own original footwork patterns and teach them to the class. My good friend Alex video taped Dan Rivas, himself and myself since we had to teach it that night. We were also asked about where we got our inspiration for our footwork – I tried to think outside the box, so I went with a little more hip-hop than usual and try to put it on the salsa beat (remember, its On2). My influences includes elements from Elvis Presly, Tango, Usher, Nsync and Michael Jackson (Beat It music video).

Anthony Persaud's "Papi" Salsa Footwork  Daniel Rivas's Salsa Footwork
Alex "Tiger" Footwork (left)


 Just quick note on the footwork videos – they do not seem to be in sync with the sound – so you will have to figure out the steps yourself. Hopefully you'll still enjoy them!

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