Salsa Tip #55 : In case of emergency, break-out the iPod…

Salsa iPod Oh yes, you know I couldn't pass up a story about iPods. Well, this is a pretty straightforward tip, which most of you know, and probably already do, but others haven't really though of. If you haven't gotten one already, you are missing out – big time. This little handy device is perfect for any salsero. It can have all of your music that you love to listen to and practice as you walk to class, work, or sit in front of the computer.

However, there is another GREAT usage for it. Have you ever gone to a dance club, to try to practice some of your styling or combinations… and then just magically blanked out .. and can't remember how the move went? Well, with a video iPod, you can take all the videos you might download from the internet, or take from your salsa dance class, or from our podcast and poof….

You are at a club… and you forget how a combo you are practicing goes (or some footwork).. you take your iPod out of your pocket (yes, its pretty thin), go to your videos.. see the combo and BAM! You are back in the game. Of course, I would probably recommend getting a nice case so you protect it on the dancefloor, but other than that – its a great device to help you get better while you are at the club trying out the different moves. Its like having salsa lessons on the GO! 


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