Salsa Congress Watch [UPDATED X4]

So, I had come back from the Palm Springs Salsa Congress and I got all these flyers from the different salsa congresses advertised. So, for those of you that are interested I'm posting them here. Now, I haven't gone to any of these salsa congresses (yet), but hopefully I plan to go to the ones after October, because sometime in October, San Diego is having their salsa-mambo congress. As I get more information on other salsa congresses, I'll keep posting them. Enjoy!

Date Salsa Congress
Aug 31st – Sept 3 New York Salsa Congress (
Sept 1st-3rd Utah Salsa Congress (
Sep 8-10 Northwest Salsa Congress (
Sept 15-17 Berlin Salsa Congress (
Oct 19-22 Atlanta Salsa Congress (
Nov 3-5 Puerto Rico's Hustle & Salsa Festival (
Nov 9-12 Dallas Salsa Congress 2006 (
Nov 30th-Dec 3rd Acapulco World Salsa Congress (
Jan 12-14 3007 Salt Lake Salsa Congress (

: Added the Atlanta Salsa Congress! Thanks to Daniel!
[UPDATED X2] : Added the Alcapulco World Salsa Congress.
[UPDATED X3] : Added 1st Northwest Salsa Congress – Thanks Mei!
[UPDATED X4] : Berlin Salsa Congress 15.-17. Sept.


One response to “Salsa Congress Watch [UPDATED X4]

  1. winslie gomez

    Great Idea!
    here is my link if you have objection

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