5th UK International Salsa Congress ! – Sept 22-24th

Salsa UK Congress

So, to add to the stories overseas, I dediced to make this as a separate entry just to give your friends in England a good ad. Sometimes we think of salsa congresses only being in this part of the world (North,South and Central America) – but no, our friends in the UK have their own salsa good times too!..

Now looking through their site, it was funny that they posted a UK Salsa Congress Survival Guide. I really found that funny (on basically travel, accomodations…etc) – and I started thinking. What would be the one thing any salsero/salsera going to salsa congress should NOT be without (except for sleep)?

"This is the 5th annual Salsa Congress run by Salsa UK at Butlins, Bognor Regis. It's getting bigger and better by the year, attracting dancers from all over the world.

This year's event is expected to welcome around 3,000 people. The event consists of dance workshops during the day on the Saturday and Sunday, and parties on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, featuring dance performances, live bands and many hours of social dancing.

As Butlins is a holiday resort, all the accommodation is onsite, so you can travel with ease throughout the day and evening between activities and your room. Salsa UK takes over the whole camp so that it becomes a 'Salsa village', allowing you to immerse yourself in all things Salsa for an entire weekend.  "



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