Salseros who are addicted to salsa!

Salsa Addicts World MapSo, I remember when I first posted this map on the website  to experiment. I mean,  I thought it was fun to see where everyone else that came to the site was from. I was highly suprised to see people all the way from Australia, to Korea, to Hawaii coming to the site! I remember when there were only like 5 pegs for the longest time – and now, I'm proud to report we have more than 200+ pegs and growing. I'm very excited to see how big this map can get – so if you are a new to the site, or just old – check out the Addicted2Salsa salsa addicts map .

 If you don't see a lot of pegs, make sure you click on the 'Show More Markers' at the bottom right of the screen.

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