The David Stein On2 Challenge : The One Month Program

Majesty In Motion Dance Company Ok, so I just came back from my lesson with the great San Diego Dancer – David Stein from Majesty In Motion. However, I received undelightful news. Basically it boils down that I may have some ok moves, but my timing is off when I perform those moves. So he said one of the girls I danced with at congress mentioned that my timing was off – and when he mentioned that, my heart stopped… because I became very worried if it might have been the female dancer that I liked. (So, now I'm worried I dissapointed her). Anyways, he basically proposed a challenge – 1 month, On2, no crazy patterns, just simple moves, on beat all the time. Of course this is also adding the body movement stuff I just finished re-learning for the 4th time. He says that if I follow this "On2 Diet", I should be good in no time flat.

So, since is also a type of blog, every week for 4 weeks, I will be giving you my progress on how
everything is going – with my trials and tribulations. I will take the month of September to get this done, so that I could be ready for the San Diego Salsa-Mambo Congress.

For those who want to follow at home – I've came up with a schedule that fits my situation that will practice timing and body movements.

Week 1 Schedule
8:30am (before breakfast) Do body isolation excercises for my shoulders. 15 rotations each shoulder (while maintaining hands inplace). really stretching.
9:30am (driving to work) Doing  shimmies in the car. Holding the steering wheel with both hands (at 11 and 2 o clock), and make sure I'm only moving the rib-cage to create the effect. Do this while listening to salsa (and paying attention to the 2 beat)
12pm lunch Do more shoulder isolations in front of the mirror at the workplace bathroom. Another 15 rotations on each shoulder.
7pm If no salsa class tonight… listen to salsa on my iPod while I dance On2 by myself. Do this for at least 2-3 songs. Maybe do more while doing other chores. Will also practice side-step with shoulder coordination. (Putting shoulder isolations to practice with basic step).
Club Night
If dancing at a club, only dance on2. And if you dance, you must not do any complicated patterns. Stick to doing simple turns/crossbody leads/simple fundamental patterns – but make sure they are all done on the correct beat/number and on the on2 time.

So, hopefully I will update this next Friday with a new schedule – but I will start this today (Aug 31st)! Let's see how it turns out.


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