Just to answer a few questions that keep coming up…

Anthony PersaudSo, I decided to write a quick article on what is going on with the website. For those who don’t know, my name is Anthony Persaud and I am the creator, founder, maintainer, designer….. ..blah. .blah….. of Addicted2Salsa. I wanted to clear that up because I get the whole: "Oh, so you are the one in charge of the California section?" or "Oh, you only take care of the Iowa section?" — and no, I take care of everything. The website is run by thousands of lines of code (yes, thousands….). (or as Ted Stevens likes to say – its run by a series of interconnecting tubes [see video – its hilarious]).

Why do I bring this up, well, I have been slow in updating the website with content, fixing it and making new episodes of the podcast. One of the main reasons is that I do not have internet at my apartment (yeah, I live in the sucky part of San Diego), so I only get time to work on the website, well.. at work. And its pretty hard when you work 50 hrs a week to get extra time to work on the website.

The second big thing is that I am trying to save money to get a new MacBook Pro (your donations will help) so that I can start editing video and audio for podcasts again. I’m would like to get all of the previous episodes recorded and make a DVD image so that I can distribute it. But currently I’m borrowing someone else’s laptop just to do the audio podcasts.

In addition, I’m trying to fix the bandwidth issues with the site – and therefore I will start migrating the site over to a new hosting company. I’m hoping this transition goes smoothly and transparently over Labor Day Weekend. (You should not notice any change — I hope).

Also, because I’m also working on a new version of the website — I know some stuff (links) don’t might be broken – though I really like everyone helping me find them, so I can fix them. I know there is a request to add more countries/cities/states to the list — so I’m also working on that. So, just giving you a heads up answering most of these questions, so you know that I do read the emails and will try and fix all the issues.
Remember, I’m just one guy with a borrowed laptop managing the whole addicted2salsa site. So Thank You for your patience and continued support!

Thanks again and keep visiting,

Anthony Persaud

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