Salsa Episode 20 : The Classics Songs

The ClassicsSo, I have decided to change things up a bit. This is our first audio podcast episode. Again, first episodes are always very….low quality becuase half the time I don't know how to do one, and we learn as we go (If you ever see our salsa video episodes 1-4, and compare them to 12-19 — you'll see the difference). Anyway, feedback is always useful to make the content better.

Here is the salsa music guide as: (the song in parenthesis is the background playing song)

– (Intro) Lalo Rodriguez : (Devorame Otra Vez)

– Hector Lavoe : (Barrunto), Todo Tiene Su Final
– Willie Colon: (Idilio), La Murga
– Justo Betancourt: Pa'Bravo Yo
– Frankie Ruiz : A bunch of mixes
– Andy Montanez : Payaso
– El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico : (La Muerte – Live) Me Libere

– (Ending) Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz : (Aguzate)


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