From On1 to On2, and the Salsa Immune System

On1 Salsa Immune SystemSo, I’ve decided to dedicate my whole time to getting good at On2. No dammit, I’m going to be great. (I have to keep talking myself into it). Swear to God, I have now relived every salsero’s nightmare — the ‘salsa hell’ stage in life. Its even worse trying to learn on2, when you are also trying to impress a girl on a dance floor.

It used to be I went through salsa hell on1; and I had overcome that and it was like an anvil being lifted off a sponge. Now, here I go again, acting like a beginner just to get on2 correct. And see, the problem is not that I don’t know on2 — the problem is that I know on1. My body tries to auto-compensate and auto-correct itself back t on1. It feels like when you get an organ transplant – how your body tries to reject it because its foreign…. well, that’s what exactly is happening. My body is trying to reject On2 with its ‘On1’ immune system (autocorrection mechanism).

Of course the hard part about learning On2 (other than fighting my own body and brain), is really all the skills and talents that are already programmed for On1. Here is the deal — not all combinations or footwork go according to plan on the dance floor. So as we are doing a combination with the lady, lets say something goes wrong — my body lets the lady go and starts doing on1 footwork (instead of on2) and the — poof, the counting goes out the door. The counting helps, but only when my feet are listening. I basically ended up remember how hard it was for guys to learn how to lead — its a lot of things to juggle on the dancefloor.

Its really sad though because I danced with this really "NICE" girl, but she forced me to dance on2, and crap – I was like a little kid learning how to ride a bike. Things went ‘ok’, nothing impressive with some mistaked, but all the time in my head I’m like dreaming of telling her something like: ‘ohh girl, if you could dance with me on1, I’m a totally different person, and you would be smiling more… ‘. She did smile, and it looks authentic – but I know I could do better next time. There is no feeling like the one when you dance such a great dance with the lady that she feels like an atheist just being touched by the Holy Spirit.

Can I get an Amen?!

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