Salsa Episode 19 : The DPS Lock Combo

DPS Lock ComboIn honor of Steve Jobs' Keynote address at the Apple Computer WWDC, I decided to release this video today.

So, another funny combo name. DPS stands for 'Department of Public Safety'. I got arrested one time at Iowa State University for carrying a door down the street (oops!), and the way they lock your arms is the same way you do it to the follow. The reason for this name is because its a variation on both creating a wrap with the lady, but also having both arms in a kind of hammerlock position.

This salsa combo is kind of tricky to perform, so practice it various times at home to get the timing down: especially the mechanics of moving around the lady and moving their arm down (so you don't break it).
Anthony Persaud - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast

So the lesson for today? If you ever get arrested, you might be learning how to dance as well… 😉


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