Salsa Episode 18 : Getting out of Hammerlocks

Getting out of Hammerlocks So I decided to release this episode a little earlier than normal. One of our members asked about different ways of getting out of hammerlock positions. In this episode of addicted2salsa, I show you a couple of simple ways  to get out of hammerlocks and one slick/combo way. Please some of these moves require practice and patience so you do not hurt the ladies arm. Ladies, this is the best way to practice your copa step.

Anthony Persaud - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast - Addicted2Salsa Salsa Podcast

Remember, any donation amount is fully apreciated! I would like to thank the following people for their contributions since our last episode:

  • Edna Thompson
  • Jamie Hohnstein
  • Lee Bryant
  • Lia Sophia Jewelry
  • Peter Bognar
  • Stanley Chu
  • Timothy Doherty
  • William Buchanan


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