Grupo Niche, Rumbero Writing Contest Winner

The Detroit area salseros at, in conjunction with wanted to do something a little different instead of just doing another dance contest as a Grupo Niche concert promotion. The writing contest was open to everyone and the range of topics were pretty open just as long as the submissions had a Latin theme. The competition was pretty stiff and we had some very good ones. Most entries were narratives and were even pretty moving but we did have one entry that was unlike all of the rest. It was a poem done in Spanish by Kalamazoo College’s, Sarah Orrellano. She is the winner of the two VIP tickets to next Friday’s (May 12th) Grupo Niche concert, as well as a backstage pass for a meet and greet. Sarah will be also be acknowledged and presented w/ a trophy at the concert. Here was her submission. ( I hope the format doesn’t get squished during transmission) Go to for ticket info.

Aquellos timbales y esos tambores

La piel se eriza,
Los o

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