Anthony’s current salsa music (ipod) playlist…

I know it has been a while that we have really talked about music, so I decided to add more music related stories and resources on our website. I was asked a while back ago to a list more salsa songs that people could download. I was also asked, specifically, to what I actually like to listen to. I decided to do both.

Below, I have made links to the songs in iTunes from my current favorite playlist. If you don’t know my style just yet, I’m a fan of classic-orquestra style danceable songs. I think these songs are great and if you will probably hear them at a good salsa club (if the DJ knows his latin music).

Now, I know not everyone may like some of the songs I recommend here. You might have to remember that I take into account, the rhythm changes, the instrument solos, the singer and the lyrics (I know spanish). So, just because a song might be slow, it does not mean it is not a good song. Some of the best songs are made by powerful lyrics which help with the rhythm become a great danceable song…

If you would like to recommend a song, use the forums and provide feedback on what artists you like for others to listen to.

Richie Ray and Bobby CruzAguzate
by: Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz)
Old School SalsaComo el Morivi
by: Raphy Levitt
Salsa Hits 2005Indestructible
by: Ray Barretto
Andy Montanez - PayasoPayaso
by: Andy Montenez
Hijos de CelebresEl Negro Bembon
by: Los Hijos De Los Celebres
Orquesta La PalabraEl Temblor
by: Orquesta La Palabra
El Gran ComboMe Dejo en el Aire
by: El Gran Combo
Noche CalienteTodo Se Derrumbo Dentro de Mi
by: Studio Musicians
Cheo FelicianoTodo Tiene Su Final
by: Cheo Feliciano
Old School SalsaYo Me Quedo
by: Tony Vega
Salsa for GringosA la Hora Que Me Llamen Voy
by: Jose Alberto

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