April Album Review – Rey Ruiz

Rey Ruiz So, I haven’t done one of these recommendations in a while, but after everyone has been asking me for this song, I thought I might as well publish it as an article.

This album has the song that everyone has been asking me for. The artist name Rey Ruiz, and he is famous in the salsa world. I use some of his songs during class time. The song you might recognize is ‘El Diablo Anda Suelto’ (The devil is loose) which is the cha-cha song I use to teach people how to salsa. This cha-cha song, I think, is very good. If you have trouble with finding the beat in regular salsa, this song has a good enough beat during the whole song to get you started. Also, its a tight song.

Now, the salsa songs that I prefer from this album are: ‘Creo En El Amor’ (I believe in love) and ‘Mi Tentacion’ (My temptation). Please do not buy tracks that are not salsa (8,9 or 10).


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