No more email messages from us…. for a while…

Well, its March 1st (the first of the month), and just like everyone that has to pay rent on an apartment — here at, we have to pay our bills too.

After much thought from our accounting department (ok, we really don’t have an accounting department), we will shutdown our email mailing list system that we pay FeedBlitz to manage. Our website visitors are growing very rapidly (we have over 2,500 unique visitors last month and over 1500+ podcast subscribers). So even if our bandwidth costs are rising… this is very exciting. To make way for new stuff, we are going to hopefully save on this bill in order to improve our podcasts and general website: our video computer broke, so we are going to buy a new cheap one. — just need to save enough money — remember, we do this for free! 😉  

For now, I please ask for everyone to check the website more frequently to keep up with the stories, announcements and events. We will try to get a cheaper new email list system. Most likely we us ‘salsa geeky programmers’ will home brew it.. but until then, check the website!

Thanks and keep watching….

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