We have salsa lessons this Friday, March 3rd!!!! (Thanks Todd)

Well, first of all we should ALL thank Todd Steffen (you can leave a comment) for getting us a room this Friday for Salsa dance lessons! So, after the long hiatus, especially from living it up in salsa heaven at the 2006 Chicago Salsa Congress, we will host lessons this Friday, 7pm-9pm in the Gallery Room of the Memorial Union. (Note the room change). So, if you have been itching to ask questions, learn new moves after Hotel Fort Des Moines, or want to just have fun — come and learn more salsa styling, techniques and patterns.

It will be a very BIG room — so bring lots of people!! Take advantage of the classes, because due to room reservations, we do not know when our next lesson might be. I have been told that our lessons are less expensive and more entertaining than other instructors, so come try us out even if you live in Des Moines! (Thanks for the positive feedback)

Again, Addicted 2 Salsa dance lessons by Anthony:

Where: Gallery Room, Memorial Union, Ames, IA
When: 7pm – 9pm
Cost: $3 per lesson (other donations are also appreciated)


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