Support us…please donate! Thanks. (UPDATED)

I’d like to thank the people with their positive feedback on our podcasts and website. We appreciate it very much and it keeps us motivated. We do ask that if you feel we really help your salsa life, you can help us keep the videos coming by donating what you can. (We are paying everything out of our own pockets…)

(button should work now)
This is what we are planning to use the donations for:

  1. A tripod stand for the video-camera (couple of feet high)
  2. Final Cut Express (video editing software)
  3. Garage Band 3 (for audio editing podcasting)
  4. Pay our monthly bandwidth and webhosting service bill ($20+/month)
  5. Keep the web address
  6. Fix the computer doing the video editing…. (yep, its broken)
  7. New imagevue picture gallery software (to make photo albums easier)
  8. Pay the costs of having the email newsletter sent out ($5/month FEEDBLITZ)

Thanks again to those who support us! (Wherever in the world you are..) We hope to have a thank you page soon to those who donate!

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