New Hector Lavoe movie with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Hector Lavoe

The video trailer for Hector Lavoe “El Cantante” Movie can be found here.

Well, Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Tonigth Show, with Jay Leno promoting one of her movies. This movie is basically the life and tragedy of the Puerto Rican salsa singer, Hector Lavoe. For those who are new to the salsa scene and music, Hector Lavoe, known by his nicknames “El Cantante” (The Singer) and “La Voz” (The Voice), was a salsa singer in the 70’s (the golden era of salsa), who sang with a lot of high profile names such as Willie Colon and many others under the Fania brand record label. It was he who really and truly defined the salsa sound that we listen to today.
Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez
According to Lopez, Marc Anthony will be playing Hector Lavoe in the movie ‘El Cantante’ (2006), while she will be playing Hector’s wife. In addition, Lopez is now going back to Puerto Rico to finish filiming the film and it might actually be distributed all over the US as a major motion picture. (I personally hope this is true).

For those who might not known, this will probably be the major motion picture version of the play named “Who Killed Hector Lavoe”… but that is not for sure since the movie is named ‘El Cantante’.. but of course, we all know he dies anyways…

Salsa Dance WebsiteIt is interesting to note that because of the new movie that is coming out, a new website has been created about the famous singer:

For more information about the movie: click here

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