New Hector Lavoe salsa movie – with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

The video trailer for Hector Lavoe “El Cantante” Movie can be found here.

Hector Lavoe

Well, Jennifer Lopez appeared on The Tonigth Show, with Jay Leno promoting one of her movies. This movie is basically the life and tragedy of the Puerto Rican salsa singer, Hector Lavoe. For those who are new to the salsa scene and music, Hector Lavoe, known by his nicknames “El Cantante” (The Singer) and “La Voz” (The Voice), was a salsa singer in the 70’s (the golden era of salsa), who sang with a lot of high profile names such as Willie Colon and many others under the Fania brand record label. It was he who really and truly defined the salsa sound that we listen to today.
Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez
According to Lopez, Marc Anthony will be playing Hector Lavoe in the movie ‘El Cantante’ (2006), while she will be playing Hector’s wife. In addition, Lopez is now going back to Puerto Rico to finish filiming the film and it might actually be distributed all over the US as a major motion picture. (I personally hope this is true).

For those who might not known, this will probably be the major motion picture version of the play named “Who Killed Hector Lavoe”… but that is not for sure since the movie is named ‘El Cantante’.. but of course, we all know he dies anyways…

Best Salsa Dance WebsiteIt is interesting to note that because of the new movie that is coming out, a new website has been created about the famous singer:

For more information about the movie: click here


28 responses to “New Hector Lavoe salsa movie – with Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

  1. Lopez is not much of an actor, i must say – obviously they sell her looks more than thespian skills.. i don’t deny she is hot though – I found a good shot of her on – felt a little bad twisting that cute face, but what the heck! Probably wasted 20 minutes – but boss was not around.. Anyways, don’t know if I will see the movie.

  2. I hope Hector Lavoe gets da ‘homenaje’ he deserves and that this is not just a cheap movie for da money because ayer hoy y siempre HECTOR LAVOE sera el CANTANTE DE LOS CANTANTES! and wil be da inspiration for all genarations to come. el CHOLANDES, Amsterdam 2006

  3. Mike From Da Third

    I have read a copy of the script to “El Cantante”. Its going to be a powerful and raw film. I think that Marc and Jennifer will definitely make us proud.

    I think there are too many Marc And JLO haters. I Wanna to know who else has put up 20 million of their own money to make a film about this man! NO ONE! There is supposed to be another film in the making starring another well know Puerto Rican named Raul Carbonell Jr, who also played him in the Off Broadway Play “Quien Mato A Hector Lavoe?” I have to tell you he did one hell of a job. I swear his interpretation of Hector was amazing. It was as if Hector was in the building when I saw it.

    But Back to Marc and JLO There has been talk about releasing El Cantante around Oscar Time to put JLO In the running for Best Actress. After reading the script I think she has a chance. This is the rold JLO has been waiting to play. I’ve said for years JLO needed to do a GOOD Independent film not based on her paycheck so she could get acting chops. But this is the role. If she does a great job of taking PUCHI off the paper and on to the screen as it was written she gonna be great. Lets not leave Marc behind. I;ve seen clips of the film and Marc does a great job of playing Hector. Lets just hope Our Latino people come out and support this film. Hey if we can all go out and support EL VACILON THE MOVIE why not this one… Lets go out and see it in its first weekend out because it is very important. It determines whether Hollywood will support Latinos in films with giving up the gusto to make these films.


  4. Gee drn It Says, so sad u have to bust a nut to a photo. It says a lot about your misery.
    I cannot wait for this movie to be released. We are waiting with great anticipation. Jennifer is a good actess and has a sense for business unbeat.

    Go Boricua!

  5. Well I think that the fact of two boricuas acting together is alsome , this is a
    special movie and I can’t wait to see it. Que viva Puerto Rico La Isla mas bella del
    Puerto Rico number 1 for lifeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Saludos a todos los Boricuasss.

  6. we are from birdgport ct . we are dying to see not only the movie about hector lavoe but marc and jennifer lopez acting together . i love all of marc anthony songs . i love all of hector lavoe song

  7. we are from bridgeport ct . we are dying to see not only the movie about hector lavoe but marc and jennifer lopez acting together . i love all of marc anthony songs . i love all of hector lavoe song

  8. hl mehran

  9. hi im mehran ilove youy

  10. I am patiently waiting for the relaese of the Hector Lavoe movie starring Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. Lavoe was a great singer, the best Puerto Rico ever had. I’m sure Jlo and Marc will do Hector justice.

    Support El Cantante.

  11. the fact that j.lo and marc are making an awsome movie i can’t wait to the movie gets release. i’m all there. and all u haters out there. chill… soy boricua paque lo sepa…..
    u go j.lo and marc represent.

  12. I moved to Puerto Rico in 1994 and he just passed away. All you heard was Hector Lavoe. I heard him growing up but WOW you can tell la gente de la isla missed him tremedously. I have been researching him, reading everything I can find about him and now this film is coming and i’m soo EXCITED that i can see how his life was, even if it’s gonna be a couple of hours long lol. I can finally see the good, the bad and the beautiful of Hector Lavoe’s life.

    I’m soo proud to be Puertorican!!!
    Thank you Marc and Jenny

  13. it is an Honor to call myself a puertorican thanks to Hector Lavoe. i grew up with his music in the 80s puerto rico should be proud of Hector. he changed the genre of salsa forever. his voice is unique and his music straightforward. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez will bring honor to Hectors life story. i will definetly line my ass up outside a movie theatre to see this movie. its been a long time waiting but CONO its here thanks Marc and Jennifer im proud of you guys

  14. WEEEEEPPAAAAA!!! Finally!

  15. el mejor aciendo del mejor

  16. I’m seventeen years old and don’t care much for Reggaeton. I simply love and enjoy the music of salsa. It is the feeling of my culture, whenever I listen to it, I can feel the beaches of San Juan beckoning for me. I wish to thank Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez for putting this amazing film together on the life of Hector Lavoe.I was only four when he died, and I wish I could imagine the trembling hearts of fans screaming his name and anticipating his signature songs. His songs have been an inspiration for me, and now this motion picture can be as well.

  17. I saw the off Broadway version of “Quien Mato a Hector Lavoe”,
    with both actors, Domingo Quinones and Raul Carbonel Jr. I personally felt that both actors did a great job.
    Now I certainly cannot wait to see these two very well known “Boricua” personalities, such as Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony, portraying their roles in… “El Cantante”. The life of the late Hector Lavoe.
    I don’t have to say this, but the entire universe knows that these two individuals have made an indelible mark in the world of entertainment; regardless of the negative remarks that are said against their character by a “simple low life”.
    Surely hope that this movie is successful and that all latinos that
    truely feel proud of being latino (not just proud of being Boricua, such as I) show their presence at the grand debut.
    This movie is indeed a giant step toward “Saving Our Salsa”.

  18. There is an English version of this movie coming out in November which is the story of Hectoe and HIS FIRST TRUE LOVE…CARMEN. The woman who gave him the greatest gift……a son named Jose. Hector and Puchi married after my Titi Carmen left him then he adopted Puchi’s daughter. El Cantante seems to have everything a good movie should with the exception of the “REAL” beginning of the story of the life of Hector Lavoe but don’t worry…”The Singer” will not leave anything or anyone out……. Viva Carmen!!

    P.S. Check out Viva Carmen on myspace for the movie trailer 🙂

  19. i can’t wait to see the movie, but i think it’s rated R and i’m only 16. I’ll wait until it comes on DVD

  20. Hector Lavoe was one of the best salsa singers in Puerto Rico. He was also a friend of mine. He had many demons but no matter what his situation, when he stood in the middle of my livingroom and sang one of his songs, my hair stood on end. Let s all go out and support JLO and Marc. Thank you both for doing this.

    Cuca – Southside of Brooklyn

  21. Hector Lavoe was one of the best salsa singers in Puerto Rico. He was also a friend of mine. He fought many demons in his mind but no matter what his situation, when he stood in the middle of my livingroom and sang one of his songs, my hair stood on end. Let s all go out and support JLO and Marc. Thank you both for doing this.
    PUCHI was a good wife to him. He is a legend in my eyes.

    Cuca – Southside of Brooklyn

  22. I personally cant wait to see this movie not because of jlo and mark but because this story is beautiful and tragic story about a real man, a puerto rican man who like alot of us get caught up. I love hector as a little girl i used to go see him sing in orchard beach with my grandmother and i would cry for that man even as a child i knew what a powerful voice he had,and still to this day his music gives me the chills up my spine OMG

  23. I luv marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez. I think they have both contributed to putting puerto rico on the map. I hope everyone supports this movie even if you are not latino. This is history in the making and I cant wait to see this movie. I support it even more knowing Marc and Jennifer put up there own money to make this movie.

  24. I’ve been waiting for this movie for a very long time..It’s amazing to see two influential latinos like Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez bringing to life such a significant icon like Hector Lavoe, El Cantante de los Cantantes.Being of Dominican descent, & growing up in the bronx in the 70’s as a kid watching my older brothers & sister listening & dancing salsa to Hector & the Fania All Stars…It’s going to be a very nostalgic trip. I have no doubt that it’s to do well & it’s going to serve as a cinematic victory for all Latinos.

  25. I think I was to young during the Hector Lavoe’s time, but I remember hearing that song “un periodico de ayer” veyr clearly when I was a little girl in D.R. I love salsa and I have been looking at everything hector lavoe (there awesome videos of him in and he is something to watch and was totally engaging. there was something about him that just made you keep watching and listening… even to somebody like me who never met or saw him before. may he rest in peace.

  26. I cannot wait to see this movie! This is coming from a person never goes to the movie theater. This movie will teach us about the best salsa singer of all-time (no disrespect to Marc Anthony) and his trials and tribulations.

    I’ve never been a JLO fan however I respect her for playing Hector’s wife alongside her real-life husband, Marc Anthony. Marc loves Hector’s music and I expect to see Marc’s love for Hector’s music come out with the passion and fire Hector brought to his shows.

    Hope to see all my Latinos, especially my Boricuas, at a theater near you!


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