Update your salsa music collection!

Salsa Hits 2005 Album Well, its a new year, so I bought all the songs in this album, and I have to say — they are a great collection of the best stuff from 2005! If you are looking for some of the best salsa hits of 2005, check out this album on the iTunes music store!

For those DJs, needing the latest in salsa hits to play at the clubs (HINT! HINT!), please check out this album, so you can have a larger, more ‘salsa danceable‘ collection. The songs must be owned by any salsa dancer because they are legendary classics known by everyone.

Mi Desengaño (originally by Roberto Roena), Indestructible (originally by Ray Barreto) and Fuego en el 23 (originally by Sonora Ponceña) (sorry, can’t make the n with tilde)
These are classics that EVERY true salsa dancer knows about.. they are just that ubiquitous. You will know if you are at a GREAT salsa nightclub with a DJ that REALLY knows salsa if you hear any of these songs. They are just that great! Now, my only wish, is if they would play more Héctor Lavoe songs in Iowa! (hint, hint).


4 responses to “Update your salsa music collection!

  1. hold down alt and then type 0241

  2. Hi,

    Could you tell me the name of the Salsa CD on iTunes please?



  3. I think the album on itunes is called Salsa Hits 2005 but I’m not sure. You can check it out anyway.

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