Welcome back!

Thank you to all who noted me that the website was down! (I was in Puerto Rico, and the server crashed). Anyways, Happy New Year to all, and I have good feelings about 2006 — expect many great things from us!

If you have events that you would like to be posted on the website, please do so (from our website). This way, new dancers looking for places to dance in Iowa, have an updated list of events!

We will begin hosting lessons here in Ames, IA in a little bit — we will let you know on our website.


7 responses to “Welcome back!

  1. I hope the lessons will be more frequent this semester, I could only make it to one last semester. The website looks great, Anthony. Any word on a local venue for dancing?

  2. Yes, there are more venues in Des Moines, including El Aragon, with DJ Julian. We’ll start lessons soon.

  3. Hi all! Sergio is actually the DJ at El Aragon…Julian is doing Tuesday nights at Keysters. Also, we just announced (and are in the process of promoting) Salsa night at Tequila Tom’s at 3rd & Court in downtown Des Moines. We will be starting that this coming Friday, January 27. We will then have three Saturday’s there (the first three Saturdays’ of February) and then Friday’s will become our regular night each week.

  4. Have you ever been to ‘you tube’? they let you host videos there and you can hotlink them on your blogs. it’s really cool and you don’t have to bandwidth on the videos, cause its free.

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  7. So, what are the places to salsa on Friday and Saturday nights now?

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