Another CISC 2005 Salsa Combo

Well, the folks at (Marques) were cool enough to provide more salsa videoclips from the Chicago Salsa Congress 2005. This salsa combo is from “Gordon Neil & Laura Geldys’ Workshop”. Actually, its pretty interesting because I was in that exact same workshop last year (and you can see me in the video). It is funny how I just noticed myself in other people’s video clips. (If you are wondering, I’m the guy on the right, black shirt, in the ‘rectangular’ white box).

Hope you enjoy this video clip – hope this keeps hyping you up for congress!

4 responses to “Another CISC 2005 Salsa Combo

  1. Just a general comment to say thankyou for the excellent podcasts. I’ve just started learning (in England) and I’m very grateful for any extra help. Your site came at just the right time. Now I have something to practise with over the holidays!

    Please, please keep them coming.

  2. Thank you, we appreciate your comments! (They keep us motivated) 😉

  3. Your site is filled with dead links. Where are the podcasts that it promises?

  4. The new site is located at . There you will find the links to podcast, clubs, events, news and much more.


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