Last Salsa Lesson of the semester! (Until January)


Yes, its cold outside but WE DO HAVE LESSONS TONIGHT! Our final lessons are December 2, 2005 and December 9th, 2005. So come and enjoy our last lessons for the semester! Lessons are at 7pm – 9pm, Beginner – Intermediate~! at the Memorial Union of Ames, IA. ($3 per lesson)


Again, we have been very busy! We have started a VIDEO SALSA PODCAST. It is absolutely free! We will be posting our lessons and combos, hopefully on a weekly basis. You can download iTunes ( to subscribe to our videos! If you have a video iPod, you can take our videos with you wherever you go!!!

We are really excited about this new feature and hope you can email us with what you would like to see in future podcast episodes! We are planning on having other instructors give host future episodes!


  • Submit your own events! Any salsa event, concert, parties, dance lessons…anything and it gets posted in minutes!
  • You can view salsa video clips found on the internet!
  • You can read our stories and comment on every story posted! TELL OTHERS WHAT YOU THINK about a story! (I love getting people leaving comments). Just click on the ‘Add Comments’ button.
  • YOU can write your own stories – send us your stories at, and we will review it so you can contribute to the website. We are trying to make a salsa portal for all of you to contribute!
  • We plan to give you personal feedback on the songs and albums that we like – specifically which songs we like to recommend. Since you can purchase single songs (99cents) on iTunes, we can recommend specific songs instead of whole albums, so you focus on the great songs, and none of the other ones!

One response to “Last Salsa Lesson of the semester! (Until January)

  1. Where can you get sals dance in ankeny, iowa or Des moines iowa.

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